Monday, May 05, 2008

I've been Tagged

Tagged by Sara
maybe i should...pack my bag for the hospital
people would say that...i’m compassionate
i don’t understand why...people are cruel to animals
when i wake up in the morning I always...roll over to see if Bryan is awake and then bring the dog close to snuggle
i lost my willpower to...continue to exercise while pregnant
life adventure meant to be taken one day at a time
my past is...what brings me to the present
i get annoyed when...I'm tired and can't deal with anything
parties are...something I love and look forward to
dogs...are such good companions and soul soothers
cats ...are finicky
tomorrow an opportunity to live another day and experience something new
i have low tolerance for ...people who are dishonest
i’m totally terrified of ...loved ones passing away
i wonder why... my TO DO list never gets any shorter
never in my life did i ...think I'd be this happy at 30 :)
high school ...was fun but I'd never want to go back!
when i’m nervous...I get sick to my stomach and get cold sweats. If it involves hospitals or doctors I just might pass out.
one time I ... ate an oyster and thought it was disgusting
take my advice: enjoy your life; it is the only chance you get
making my bed...only happens when we have company! Shhh, don't tell anyone.
i'm almost always thinking about...our baby
i’m addicted to...strawberries
i want someone my personal trainer and get me back into shape after I have this baby!

I kinda like these things because it makes you sit and consider your thoughts for a minute. Hope you enjoyed! If you are reading this, consider yourself tagged! If you wanna play along copy and paste into your blog. Have fun...

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  1. Hmmmmm...I can relate to so many of your responses. We think alike! No wonder we used to both enjoy hunting eggs in June and playing drycleaner with two chairs!
    You look great by the way. I got WAY bigger. You look small and cute. I love the letters too and I can't wait to see the master sweet suite! I think mom, gram, me, and isabella should come visit an see the baby in July.