Monday, March 30, 2009

3 Toothbrush Family

The sight of this:

almost melted my heart earlier tonight. Cooper has been getting a mouthful of teeth in the past few months so he has graduated to his very own toothbrush. And there it is- I will bore you no further with the details of his toothbrushing. It's just cute. That tiny little tb.

Spring's warm weather has breezed through several days this month- I'm ready for the real deal. Enough of this moping around indoors and digging through the fridge...

and standing around playing the piano...

and giving kitty a hug...

and trying to put on Daddy's shoes...

The real kick-off to warm weather happens in about 4 weeks when Bryan, Cooper and I head down to Destin for a little beach vacation. Our first, just-us, little family vacation. Can't wait!

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Pictures, Pictures

I figure I've been MIA long enough here. Time to post some photos and a fill-in on our lives...

We've been holding steady here. Valentine's Day was really fun. I worked that day and Bryan surprised me in the afternoon with two dozen roses, chocolates from a local bakery, and a little baby boy dressed like Cupid in a handmade costume. Yeah, he broke every single girl's heart when he walked into the salon that day. Including mine. He always does the sweetest things for me on holidays. Especially birthdays and Valentine's. I'm a lucky girl. We had the evening to ourselves while Bryan's Mom kept Cooper. We spent our time moving our clothes to our new closet upstairs. Exciting, I know. And then we went to dinner at our favorite spot, Agave, in Cabbagetown. We had our rehearsal dinner there (almost 6! years ago). I proceeded to drink more than my share of margaritas...oops. But, hey, it was fun!

Bryan has been working quite a bit. Me, quite the opposite (well, at paying work, anyhow). Cooper was sick last week with a stomach bug and this week his nanny has been sick, so we've had a few extra days together this week and last. It's been really fun- despite the tummy virus. I mean, I considered doing an entire post on the worst day of Mommyhood yet, but somehow the worst day of mommy to Cooper is not near the worst day I've ever had. Twelve poopie diapers in one day? Diaper rash out (and in) the yin-yang? A baby face that says "why are you hurting me like this, Mommy?" Bring it on. Anyway, this week and last week we had five days in a row together. Little guy is SO much fun right now. I am really just enjoying his personality and all of the interactions we are able to have. He is starting to understand things I say to him (NO!) and to have a response (SMILE!). Ha! Wow, learning language and comprehension. His human body/mind never ceases to amaze. Yesterday, Cooper surprised me with a new talent. I was in the kitchen and thought to myself, "hmmm, his voice sounds weird, like he's in a room I've never heard him in." Uhh, two seconds later I find him FOUR STAIRS into climbing his way to the top! Whoah, baby. And, Whoah Mommy. Pay attention, please. I'm use to our entire downstairs being baby-proofed and a free space for him to roam. I guess that will now include a baby gate at the bottom of the stairs. Reminds me of the time he almost launched himself out of his bouncy seat, which was sitting on top of the kitchen counter (I know). Hey, he was a total lumpus until that very moment. I'm laughing now, but trust me, I wasn't that day. You gotta stay on your toes around these babies, I tell ya!

Anyway, on with the photos. The first one here is Cooper exploring his Valentine's present- a swing for outside:

Last Monday (before the nonstop diarrhea ensued), the baby boy became a star. He's going to be making an appearance in some sales tapes for TLC. He was fantastic on camera. Here's a still taken in his room with the camera:

Sunday was THE magical day in Atlanta. It snowed. If you didn't hear, it was a LOT and it was FUN. Here's us soaking up the fun, fluffy stuff:

Booboo rummaging through the lazy susan and eating his finds. Scotch-Brite, anyone? I hear it tastes practically as good as bananas and oatmeal...

Five seconds before trying to play with the space heater in his room:

Enamored with opening and closing anything:

Looking forward to a weekend of fun after a tough. long day of pay-work tomorrow! Have a great weekend!