Monday, August 17, 2009

Where'd I go!?!

I've melted in the summer heat? I've been chasing around a wild toddler? I've been busy with life?

Yes, all of the above and a little more. Honestly, I knew it had been a while since I had written on my blog but I really didn't know it had been THAT long. Sheesh. I'll be surprised if any of you are still waiting around to see if I would ever resurface.

Hmm, I think I'll do one of those list thingies to cover the events of the late spring and summer...

Things We Did This Summer (Sort of in the order in which they happened):

1. Went to the beach, just Cooper, Bryan and I. Cooper took his first, real steps the second we set him down in the condo for the first time. From that moment on, he hasn't stopped moving. Our trip was sunny and fun! Cooper's favorite part was the bathtub for some reason.

2. Went to the beach with just my girlfriends, no Cooper or Bryan. That was the first time I had ever been away from Cooper for more than 24 hours. Fun times with my girls but I was MISSING him badly by day 4. I think I drove 95mph the entire way home. My favorite part of the trip was the first day- we woke up, ate a leisurely breakfast, drank Mimosas, got a mani/pedi and shopped until late afternoon. So relaxing that I was like, what? Doesn't somebody need something from me?

3. Celebrated Cooper's First Birthday!!! I'm pretty sure no baby/toddler has ever enjoyed their first birthday as much as Cooper did. The boy loves an audience and he surely had one at his party. Every time I saw Cooper, he was toddling from one guest to another just hamming it up. Thanks to everyone who came to celebrate! It was a blast!

4. Spent a week alone with Cooper while his Dadda went on a work trip. We did just fine but we sure were glad when he came back! The summer heat was really starting to sink in while he was gone, so we spent the first of many days on the back deck with the water hose. Cooper loves a garden hose so much that he points out every single one he sees on our morning walks. Hooo! Hoo! Hoo!

5. Went on a roadtrip to Ohio to visit family, just Cooper and I. I know, I want to smack me, too. Actually, it was a little crazy but we had a good time and got to see lots of family. Ok, I could have used some help in the car. Yes, I've lost my mind. Cooper had his first piece of Cassano's Pizza sitting in his Grandpa's lap. For the record, he loved it as much as his Momma does. Yum.

6. Celebrated Bryan's birthday, took a week off of work, spent some of that time in a cabin in the Smoky Mountains. It was a beautiful drive up to Tennessee and we had some really yummy BBQ at some place called Mickey Piggs in the middle of nowhere. Also, we hiked the Appalachian Trail. For like, 5 minutes. :) But seriously, we went on a couple of hikes in the mountains and I am a total convert. I've never been interested in anything but the beach for vacation, but I really enjoyed the peacefulness of the forest and all of that delicious fresh air.

7. Branched out in my career and accepted a job (in addition to my salon job) doing hair and makeup for television spots. I loved every moment of my first freelance job (except the waking up at 5am) and I'm flying out to Seattle for another spot next week. It's exciting.

8. Celebrated the marriage of one of my best friends. Her wedding was this past weekend and we spent the weeks before her wedding prepping and making things for her day. I had forgotten how much fun weddings are and I totally enjoyed spending time with everyone that was around for the wedding. I'm especially glad that my friend Joy was in town!

Well, I'm sure I am leaving something important out but I'm too sleepy to think of it now. I leave you with some pictures of a cute baby and his family...