Monday, February 12, 2007

Can't Believe it is Week 6!!

Yeah, this is the last week of the exercise bootcamp! I can't believe it has gone by already. It has been a pretty amazing experience. I've made huge progress and I am really happy and amazed about that. I've lost a total of 13 pounds and I've really improved my scores on all of the fitness tests we do in class. Who knew I could run so much and not fall out? And, since I've also managed to go insane while exercising, I've signed up for round two of bootcamp. Yikes! I just feel like I should keep going while I'm on a roll. 6am is not my friend but oh well, I've got no choice about that. I'm really pleased with the results so far and I'm hoping to keep dropping those pounds. I'm really excited about feeling more comfortable in my skin. I had no idea that this would help me feel better mentally/emotionally, but it really has. Staves off the depression. Major bonus.

Knitting has been a fun learning experience while this has all been going on. I finished my first scarf and it is ok. A little short, but still cute. I guess the lady had no idea how long I like my scrarfs(?) when she said one skein will do. I've moved on to scarf #2 which is a hot little skinny, white thing made of the most rebellious boucle ever. It's a pain to knit with. But it's cute. Next I'll be making one for my Valentine, B.

Today we are tackling the upstairs remodeling project. The back-up forces are coming over to light a fire under our asses, so we should get a lot accomplished. Wallboard, funtimes. Not at all. But, I am sooo anxious to get this finished up there. I can't wait to have a huge closet, bedroom and big ol' bathroom! And yesterday, B finally agreed to a king-sized bed! Yippee! We'll be storing/sleeping/bathing in luxury. Wonderful.