Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Fun Day

Just a little note to tell you how much fun you are...

Today, Momma had the day off of work. Yay! I feel so relaxed when I am home with you for the whole day. When I come and get you out of your crib for the day, I imagine the whole day ahead of us and all of the fun we will have, all of the little moments that just you and I will share.

You really woke up on the right side of the crib today and we had a day filled with smiles and welcome adventure. You, working the crowds wherever we went (to work for a short meeting, to the post office to send a present to baby Jack). Me, loving being your partner for the day.

We wandered around the house, playing with toys and electrical cords (your fave, unplugged- of course), we waved hello to Babette and Sam and you threw the ball for Babette. We went on a few walks, we ate lots of yummy snacks (strawberries, mac-n-cheese), we delayed the afternoon nap to do some lounging in the backyard on a blanket (soaked up the warm afternoon sun), we pulled drawers out of furniture to make a boat.

You're just so darn cute right now. I enjoy you so much. More than a few times in the past week, people have commented on your sunny personality. Last week, Papaw said he hoped you would stay this way because you'd have lots of friends in life. Today at the post office, a lady in line was chatting you up and then told you to stay "just like that". You ARE such a joyful little guy and you make people smile when you catch their eye (and you force them to wave at you). I'm so proud of you.