Monday, May 31, 2010

First Haircut

Today was the day! We finally decided to sit you down in Mommy's chair to cut the baby mullet. I love your beautiful little blonde curls so I didn't cut too much off- just a good shaping. You looked adorable afterward and you actually sat pretty still during the cut. Thankfully, you were not interested in the scissors and comb. That would have made it super difficult. Two suckers and a few minutes in the haircutting chair and voilá! Cute new 'do!

Both still smiling in the end! We did alright!

Sunday, May 09, 2010

Mommuh! Mommuh!

Today you were in one of those moods...hollering my name just to see my face turn to yours. A little ham, wallowing in the (nearly) undivided attention of your parents. You are so cute- it's hard to find the words to describe how your little personality and your very being, make our hearts melt. You and I didn't have many "alone" moments together today but the one we did, when I was changing your diaper tonight at Gee and Hop's, I thanked you for giving this gift to me- of allowing me to be your Mother. You've made me a better person, made me strong, made life unbelievably magical. Thank you for every day that you've given me with you. To love you, to teach you, to hold you- and for you giving all of that back to me. You're the best son a mommuh could ever dream of having.

Saturday, May 08, 2010

Things We've Been Doing

The last few weeks, we've been keeping busy. It's made for lots of fun little memories. I just wanted to write a little something to keep the days from slipping from me. One of my biggest worries (who me? worry?) is that you'll grow up and I'll look back and say, "where did it all go?" So, part of me writing all of this is to be able to go back and re-live your growing up again someday. I try to make every day as special as I can with you- without spoiling you too much. :) Here's some of the fun stuff we've done lately, Booboo. I love you, little pal.

In random order...

A trip to the zoo on the day we purchased the season pass. I was worried we wouldn't go enough to justify the cost or that we'd go once and decide that the zoo was some place that only needed to be visited once. I was wrong! We had a lot of fun and we went back again last week and had a unique and fun experience. We'll be going many times this summer. You love running right up to the flamingos when we first enter the gate. Then, on to the "ephants". This is you in front of the elephant statue.

This is the Friday that you, me and Daddy went to ride bikes on the Comet Trail. We took the day off of work (well, Mommy took the week off of work!) and headed to the trail late morning. You napped on the way there and we stopped and ate Chick-fil-A in the car before we got to the trail. When you woke up, you ate your ice cream and chicken nuggets. We rode bikes for 4 miles, you in the wagon, and then we stopped for ice cream #2. Your first push-pop. You were a fan. You did a great job of riding in your wagon. Every couple of minutes you check to make sure we are still there, "Mommuh! Daddah!" It was a fun ride and a fun day. I'm glad you like riding bikes with us.

You being silly with our umbrella. Birthday present idea #1 is born. I'm on the hunt for a Cooper-sized umbrella.

Lunch with Daddy at our favorite spot, La Fonda.

One of our first days at a new park that opened near our house earlier this year. We just started frequenting this one a few weeks ago. It's always empty but has fun equipment and a really springy ground under it. You met a little girl the first time we went and she loved playing with you. She let you shove her down the slide over and over. You let her climb up the slide in front of you every time. Fair is fair. :)

You helping me make dinner. You're getting to be pretty well- behaved in the kitchen. You have started pushing your chair up to the counter and playing with the things we set you up with. Gone are the days of grabbing ALL of the spoons, can openers, wine openers, etc out of the drawers and scattering them about the house. Thank goodness...eek, one of my least favorite things you loved to do. Oh yeah, this is the face you make when we tell you to "smile" at the camera. It's hilarious. Squished up nose and squinty eyes.

Rolling out sugar cookies one day for a fun activity. You called the dough, "kee doe", for cookie dough. Very cute. The cookies were not. But, they tasted good! And you did an excellent job of rolling the dough.

Our evening fun as of late- you, me and Dah, hanging out in your bedroom before night-night. There's diaper changing, pajama putting-on, book reading, and...wrestling!!!!! It's so much fun and you really get a huge kick out of it. We love playing with you and making you laugh. Here's a few pics of you and Daddy spinning to make you so dizzy you fall over when you try to stand up on your own. Whoa, whoa, whoa!

Love you, little babe. I look forward to more of this.