Sunday, May 09, 2010

Mommuh! Mommuh!

Today you were in one of those moods...hollering my name just to see my face turn to yours. A little ham, wallowing in the (nearly) undivided attention of your parents. You are so cute- it's hard to find the words to describe how your little personality and your very being, make our hearts melt. You and I didn't have many "alone" moments together today but the one we did, when I was changing your diaper tonight at Gee and Hop's, I thanked you for giving this gift to me- of allowing me to be your Mother. You've made me a better person, made me strong, made life unbelievably magical. Thank you for every day that you've given me with you. To love you, to teach you, to hold you- and for you giving all of that back to me. You're the best son a mommuh could ever dream of having.

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  1. oh he is just edible friend!!

    happy mamas day to you :)