Monday, May 31, 2010

First Haircut

Today was the day! We finally decided to sit you down in Mommy's chair to cut the baby mullet. I love your beautiful little blonde curls so I didn't cut too much off- just a good shaping. You looked adorable afterward and you actually sat pretty still during the cut. Thankfully, you were not interested in the scissors and comb. That would have made it super difficult. Two suckers and a few minutes in the haircutting chair and voilá! Cute new 'do!

Both still smiling in the end! We did alright!


  1. he is so dang cute. we loved his birthday invite and still have it out so we can admire his adorable-ness. jack is heading to the salon for his 2nd haircut already!

  2. oh wow. he's HUGE! :) crazy. You both look so cute. :)

  3. whoo hooo!! high five friend :)

    wanna come over and do ours??