Tuesday, September 09, 2008

September Ramblings

My son. Learning things.

Wow! September!?! Are you kidding? I guess I've been lost in baby-raising land for the last 3 months. I can't believe it is already fall but I am so ready for it. The summer here can be scalding and the cooler temperatures of fall are such a nice feeling. Bryan and I have both noticed the *slightly* cooler temps over the last two days and today I finally thought about how it is actually September. We have some nice days ahead of us. I love summer but, man, Georgia really knows how to make you sick of sunshine! I'm definitely crying uncle here.

I've been in a reflective mood over the last few days. I've been trying to finish Cooper's/My pregnancy journal. It's a book I bought on the recommendation of my cousin, Sara, when I first got pregnant. I am so glad I kept the journal and it has been fun to review as I have written the last few entries and printed out pictures to finish it up. I have no idea if he will enjoy it or be embarrassed by it (surely) or if his wife will one day enjoy it- but I am glad I made it and hopefully he will be, too. There are a couple of sections in the book that are designated for journal entries, so I decided to print out some of my blog entries to add to the book. It's been really fun to go back through my entries for the past year. I am always guilty of thinking I'll always remember a moment but then when I go back and read it, I surprise myself with my own words. Was that me? Is that who I was? A person is in constant change, day to day. A journal is one way to capture that person, that feeling. What other ways are there? Video? Pictures? What else? I can say that I've been re-inspired by my own blogging to keep on blogging. Sounds self-important, but I just want to be able to remember.

So, summer is winding down. Seems like such a busy time for everyone- but in a good way. Seems like it stays busy with fun things like vacations and going to the pool. Fall brings the start of family time and holidays. I really love fall for that reason. I LOVE holidays- especially Christmas. I love decorating, dressing all festive (Halloween, Xmas red, New Year's sparkle), and the general hubub of holiday shopping, parties, etc. I can't wait to see Cooper through all of his first holidays. Granny bought him a Thanksgiving onesie on Sunday. Little Turkey. So cute. Holidays, here we come. What will Cooper be for Halloween? There's a cute costume in a catalog I got that is a dragon/dinosaur. Maybe that...

Anyway, I hope to be better at posting here. I hope you enjoy reading as I enjoy typing.