Tuesday, August 21, 2007

oopsie, I'm a crappy poster

Not that anyone but me reads this, but I feel the need to add another post. And to continue to add posts. It seems like it might be kind of fun to go back and read it later.

So, it's been a while! Goodness, I've come a long way. And sort of stalled here and there. First, the weight-loss/exercise journey has been a long and interesting ride, er, run. I've been in bootcamp since January and I have lost 28 pounds. There is an amazing difference in my quality of life. Things I never even thought about when I decided to start exercising. I'm definitely a different person now. For instance, I went on a run today at 6pm when it was about 98 degrees outside and I had already worked a long day. Seriously, I would have had a laugh-riot over that thought a year ago. There's just no way I would have done it. Now, I pretty much can't imagine my life without exercise. It's just so good for me.

Of course, the image thing has been amazing for my self-confidence. It's so nice not to feel like my fat is always in the way, making me feel terrible and uncomfortable. I'm not really doing the pillow on the lap trick anymore when I'm sitting in front of people. I still feel the urge sometimes, but then I look down and realize it's ok. Dressing is so much more fun and I now don't "hate" everything in my closet and "have nothing to wear". I've pretty much had to buy a new wardrobe so I don't look like I need to be recommended for TLC's "What Not to Wear". I still would like to (and need to- for health reasons) lose about 15 more pounds to reach my goal weight. But, I'm thrilled with the progress I've made so far. Which brings me to my stalling. I'm on a 2 week bootcamp break right now because I've been feeling burned-out for the past month or two. I haven't lost any weight for several months and I'm feeling somewhat discouraged. Logically, I know it is because I haven't been watching what I eat very closely and I haven't been working out as much as before. The problem lies not with the why but the how to get motivated again. I've been thinking a lot about it and I decided I need a break from the fitness routine. Not to quit, but to do something else for a few weeks. I'm hoping to feel better after the break. So, we'll see. I'm staying positive. It isn't easy getting healthy! I'm fighting butter, brownies and wing sauce!!! Oh, my!

The summer has been a crazy-busy one for team Kelley. We started it off with a beach trip to PCB with the Valliant family, followed that with the marriage of Beth and Chad, ran out to Cali for a week, and chased that with a short jaunt to Ohio for Grandma's 90th birthday. Whew! Now we know why we haven't done much to the upstairs. We've spent a lot of sundays at Seth and Emily's pool. Gotta work the tan and the mojitos as much as possible. We've spent many a night downing margies at La Fonda. Our favorite. It's been a hot August and we are all ready to move on to fall after this display of scorching temps. I'm always surprised that I'm ready for summer to go. I love it so much but I guess I like the change, too.

The trip to Ohio was too short but also a lot of fun. The weather there was so gorgeous! I love Ohio summers. I can't believe Grandma's 90! She's amazing and it was really great to reminisce. There were about 60 people at her party and we all wrote letters to her telling her our favorite memories. One thing is for certain, she never let anyone or anything go hungry! She is a true foodie. I know that's partly why I am, too. She really helped raise me and I didn't realize just how much time we spent together (over summers, especially). She's an amazing woman for whom I am so thankful.

Well, it's a start. More tomorrow or the next day.