Friday, October 06, 2006

This is my photo for the day. It's me at the class reunion when I won "WIFE OF THE YEAR"!!! SIKE!

It's A Title!

Hello! Just was driving home and remembered I wanted to post a little something for today. I worked at S today and wasn't very busy. But, an easy day, anyhoo!!

We went to Seth and Emily's tonight for dinner and poker. It was delicious and fun. I won .85 cents playing poker. Emily made yuuuummyy dinner.

Hmm, lots of things I could potentially write about but I'm a little buzzed so I think about it and then decide no! Stop yourself!

So, the title of the blog may have nothing to do with the blog's subject matter. When faced with a blank area that demands a title, sometimes it's just too tempting to type a random. So I did.

So there. Nite-nite!

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

So, this is me and B working on the house a couple of weeks ago.
Just trying out the photo thing.
Yikes, this is my first post! I just thought I'd try it since Joy started one and I like it so much.

This past weekend was SO busy for me. Friday night was the grand-opening party for Soda II in East Atlanta. It always takes a lot of effort to prepare for Soda parties because I feel like I have to look the part, ya know? This means: brow waxing, hair coloring, hair curling, clothes perfecting, makeup installing, and even teeth brushing!! Extra deoderant!! My best fake smile!! Et, etc. Nah, it's not that bad. It was fun and I found a great outfit to wear. Glad it's over, though.

Saturday night was Kelly's baby shower at my house. We had a really good time. It was nice to just sit around and talk with the girls. It made me feel like growing up (finally) is not so bad afterall. It's nice to be in the place we are in our lives. Kelly got lots of cool things for Simon and she is so excited about her babe. It's great to see that and I know her and Cory are going to be the best parents.

Now that all the rushing is over for the weekend parties, I kinda don't know what to do with myself! I find that blankly staring at the TV or the wall has been the activity I most perform. Oooh, did go see Ratatat at the EARL last night and had a really good time. Their music is really beautiful. Bryan reminded me that we saw them open for MoM a few years ago. Hardly anyone was there to see them and apparently we sat at the bar with one of the guitarists and chatted for a while. Hmm, can't remember shit!! So, that was in stark contrast to last night. THE MOST packed I've ever seen the back room and also a great crowd. They were so into it and it made it more fun.

Bryan and I are finishing up exterior painting and renovations to the outside of the house. We started that about 4 weeks ago and it looks really nice out there now! We still have the garage left to paint and trim and I'll be glad when that's over!! Painting is hard work. We seem to be losing a little steam, but hopefully we can rally next weekend to get the job done. Go team Kelley!! I've been really impressed with our stamina thus far, especially Babes. He's worked really hard and hardly complains when I ask him to do just one more thing at like 8:30pm when it's practically dark and we're both beat. The next project is the upstairs. Geuooo!!

Wow, didn't know I had so much to say. More tomorrow.