Tuesday, August 31, 2010

First Day of School

This is a day that I had imagined would have happened when you started kindergarten. However, the stars have aligned and now you're in a little preschool/daycare two mornings a week. I have had a billion mixed emotions about this step, but I am hoping that it turns out to be fun for you and that it helps you figure out the world around you. Your school is an adorable little old-fashioned place. It fits our neighborhood perfectly and makes me think of my own childhood. I hope you love it there eventually.

I had butterflies driving you to the school this morning. I was nervous for you, for me. What on earth would I do with my 4 hours of alone time? I knew I was going to both miss my little buddy and feel like the world was mine for a little while. When we got there, you seemed intrigued and the second your saw your buddy, the two of you ran to the train table in your classroom. That comforted me and made me think, "Silly mommy, he's going to have a blast!" I came over to you after settling your things into your cubby and kissed you bye. You gave me your usual, confident "bye Momma!" and I headed out. On the way to the car, I fought back the tears. I kept telling myself things to make myself feel better. It's only for a few hours a few days a week. He's going to learn so much. It will be good for him. And you. He's going to be fine. Etc etc.

I spent the next few hours running errands and wasting time, alternately. Part of me wanted to get a billion things done and part of me wanted to wander around Marshall's like I was 19 again and buy bunch of crap I don't need. I think I struck a fair balance between the two. :)

So, I picked you up from school, teary-eyed and missing your Momma. I think you were tired and probably a little bit confused as to why I had left you with all of those strangers. Honestly, as out-going as you are, I thought I'd pick you up and hear that it was cake for you. Easy-peasy. But no, you had cried on and off while you were there. Poor Booboo. Not quite sure what to make of your day. To make it all better, we indulged in a little mid-day ice cream from our favorite spot. Maybe Thursday will be better.

Here's some pics of your first day. You're too cute for words in your backpack. It was so heavy that you were wobbling a little bit. Too many ice packs in your first-day lunch. :)

I love you big boy. Happy first day of pretend school. xoxo, Momma

Thursday, August 26, 2010


I know one day soon you'll be inseparable best buds. For now, you're pretty much just inseparable litter mates. Biting, fighting, pinching,hitting, running, jumping, kicking, hugging, squeezing and...the occasional restful moment. Here's one of them:

I hear your grown-up voice in my head, someday saying how much you love Sadie. And it makes me happy knowing that you'll have her through the years. To snuggle, to confide in, to have at the foot of your bed, and to teach you all of the wonderful lessons that come with having a dog.

Please just try not to hurt each other too bad in the mean time...


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Goodnight Train

"In bed at last. Tucked in and snug. The engines snores a final chug." As one of Cooper's favorite books says, here I am, at last. It's been one of those days. You know, the kind that starts out all wrong, continues all wrong, but maybe ends a little bit ok. The kind of day where I wish I could go back, erase all the angry moments, the yelling, and the little (big) fights between me and Cooper. I'm not sure what it was about today, but I did not do my part as patient mother today. It started with waking up a tad too early after a not-so-restful night's sleep and then an early morning battle over wether or not a nose syringe could in fact be a toy. I feel ridiculous even typing that because normally, YES a nose syringe is indeed a toy. But not today. I didn't feel like picking up the shredded syringe an hour later after Cooper would have, no doubt, left it laying around for Sadie to devour. So I said no. And not gently. Like I sometimes do when my patience wears thin. I just wish it hadn't worn so thin, so early. That was NOT his fault. It was mine. And so the day continued, with both of us acting like two-year olds. I'm suppose to be the adult, right? I'm not sure why but some days I just can't climb up on top and see what really matters most. Like being a thoughtful, respectful and patient mother to Cooper.

And tonight, just as I excused myself from the nighttime routine, to put myself to bed early, Cooper brought me "our" book (My Truck Is Stuck). Momma read (sounds like from his lips- "amomma wreah"). And my heart is simultaneously melting and breaking into a million pieces. He's so forgiving, so adorable, so elastic. It's like all of the yuck from the day never even happened. He's moved on. So I read, and I try to move on. The anger has all washed away and I'm sitting there holding him, breathing through the hair on top of his head. Loving every bit of him. I can't imagine why on earth I'd ever raise my voice at my little guy. The reality is, is that it happens. Because I get tired, frustrated or stressed. Real or imagined. And the impatient momma comes out.

I'm grateful for the bedtime that we had this evening. Thanks for being so forgiving, little man. Tomorrow is another day. And I promise that I will always keep trying to be a better Mom than I was today, yesterday or the day before that. I love you.

You. Adorably eating a pah-ooh-oohl.

Sunday, August 08, 2010

Play Doh

I have been too scared to get any play doh for Cooper until recently when I decided that it couldn't be worse than going outside in this Georgia HEAT. I'm glad I decided to give it a try- Cooper seems to love it and I was impressed with how long it captured his attention. Both Bryan and I have had fun sitting down with him and making things. It took mere minutes for me to get over the fact that the colors will not be staying separated. Here's the little dude making red and blue into purple...

I don't have it captured in a picture but my favorite part was when Cooper had the thought to use the little plastic scissors to cut a spaghetti string of play doh off of the spaghetti-maker. Completely his idea and so totally smart and adorable.

PS- Fall, if you're out there listening, please make an early appearance this year. I mean, I love staying indoors and watching tv and eating bonbons all the time but enough is enough.