Sunday, November 16, 2008

Happy Baby

Today was a fun day. It was just an ordinary day, but you were in a wonderful, fun, playful mood all day long. Maybe it was because it's Saturday, or you just woke up on the right side of the crib, or you love it when both Mommy and Daddy are home to simultaneously adore you. Who knows, but we had a great day. You were all smiles and laughed at all of our "jokes". Me tickling you starting at your toes and ending at your neck. Daddy saying COOP!!! ERRR!!! Us popping our heads out of random places to surprise you. It all worked. It was so wonderful to hear you laugh all day. You were even a good napper today. Normally, you fight sleep like it's a crazed lion ready to gobble you up. We all took an hour-long siesta this morning and woke up refreshed. Then we went on a brisk walk up to the village in the cool autumn air. We dressed you in a hooded shirt that I had pulled from your "new things" drawer this morning. Your Dad and I both agreed that you were the cutest thing we had ever laid eyes on. We took you to the mall for the rest of the day. I had a coupon that I "needed" to use so we packed you up and away we went. Again, you were just as content and happy as you could be. You napped in the stroller, you woke and sucked on your paci, you happily bounced around in the ergo. I love it when you are in the carrier and you lean back to get a good look at who's carrying you around. You lean, stare your pack-mule in the face and wait. As soon as we look, you light up. It's one of your finest qualities. Your smile. It consumes your whole body and peaks with your arms. You just seem tickled. It's wonderful. Daddy was shopping for some clothes in Express tonight and you and I danced around the store to Björk. It was totally fun. You loved it. So did I. You're fun. Thanks for a totally great day. You really are the best baby. Love you, sugar.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

50th Anniversary

Last night marked my 50th post here! I decided to celebrate with a little sprucing up around the place. I am enjoying the new look. I was happy to see that it's easy as pie to add a photo to the header. These Blogger people are geniuses. It also made me realize that I have very few recent pictures of myself and/or myself and Cooper where I look decent. Eek, I've been sporting the Mom hairdo (aka crappy ponytail) way too much lately. Seriously, people, I'm embarrassed to call myself a hairstylist some days. Maybe now that I'm coming out of the newborn funk I can find a little more time to sass up my 'do. But, I digress...

So, yay, new blog. Last night I was considering starting a new blog; one that would pretty much be for writing to Cooper. I think I have pretty much decided against it, considering that I have enough going on these days without the added pressure of a separate blog dedicated to my darling. I had considered it for two reasons: I want to remember as much about his life as possible and I want him to read it someday, and, I fear that not everyone wants to read so much about my baby (you know, because a blog about JUST ME is so much more interesting, ha). Ultimately, I really can't and won't deny that Cooper is a HUGE part of my life- so on my blog, weaved into my blog, dominating my blog he shall stay.

Speaking of anniversaries, my maternal Grandparents celebrated their 64th wedding anniversary yesterday. That's longer than some people get to live. They are from Ohio, children of farmers, farmers themselves, and ran off to get married without their parent's consent at the tender ages of 16 and 17. I've asked my Memaw about the circumstances of their marriage many times and every time I find out something new. Last night, she told me that my Papaw really never proposed. He had been drafted for WWII and while on their very first date he mentioned that he didn't have anybody to "come home to" after the war and that he wouldn't mind getting married if he could find someone. My Memaw told me that she promptly said, "Well, I'd marry you." Ha! So, 11 days after their first date, they ran off and got married. Kids...

Highlights of the day with Cooper:
Today I ran home from work while my client was processing to grab my scissors (thanks a lot, Mommy brain). When I walked in the door, you were all upset and crying your little heart out. Kristen was having a time getting you to calm down because you hadn't napped well all day. It broke my heart to see you like that. I grabbed you and snuggled you for a quick couple of minutes before I had to run back to work. You take after your Mommy and Granny in the tears department. You will never be able to hide the fact that you've been crying. You grow a little red mask. Circles around your eyes and little splotches on your forehead. If it weren't so sad, it'd be pretty cute. I was really bummed that I couldn't stay and comfort you longer. I wanted to quit my job right then and there. I love you, little buddy. I'll always do my best to comfort you when you are upset.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Somebody found their feet...

I'm not naming any names but here's his picture...

Oh, the milestones, how you are blowing right through them. I love seeing you grow but it is definitely bittersweet. On Sunday, we had to put your swing out by the street because we had burnt up the motor and couldn't find a replacement to fix it. It was a wonderful hand-me-down from Uncle Seth and Aunt Emily ( no, you didn't wear it out all on your own. I'm no child abuser!!) I happen to walk into the living room and look out the window at the very moment a stranger was loading it into their car and I started crying. I made eye contact with the seat of the swing- the very spot you had spent many hours sleeping- and I got really sad. Sad that you were too big for it anymore, sad that I would never be able to see you in it again, sad that time flies by so quickly. You are not a newborn anymore. You are a beautiful, growing baby boy. For that, I am sad but glad. I'm your mother- this is my job to be so sentimental. I love you.

Here's a couple of us on Halloween. Cooper is a dragon and Eva is a fairy. So cute. Here's Cooper and his Mimi (Bryan's Momma):

Granny, Pop and the little Dragon:

Cooper, Eva and I:

Eva devouring a yummy Halloween cupcake:

Cooper and Daddy carving the pumpkin. I forgot to get a picture of the pumpkin when Bryan finished it. It was glorious. Trust me.

Hope your Halloween was as fun as ours!