Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Somebody found their feet...

I'm not naming any names but here's his picture...

Oh, the milestones, how you are blowing right through them. I love seeing you grow but it is definitely bittersweet. On Sunday, we had to put your swing out by the street because we had burnt up the motor and couldn't find a replacement to fix it. It was a wonderful hand-me-down from Uncle Seth and Aunt Emily ( no, you didn't wear it out all on your own. I'm no child abuser!!) I happen to walk into the living room and look out the window at the very moment a stranger was loading it into their car and I started crying. I made eye contact with the seat of the swing- the very spot you had spent many hours sleeping- and I got really sad. Sad that you were too big for it anymore, sad that I would never be able to see you in it again, sad that time flies by so quickly. You are not a newborn anymore. You are a beautiful, growing baby boy. For that, I am sad but glad. I'm your mother- this is my job to be so sentimental. I love you.

Here's a couple of us on Halloween. Cooper is a dragon and Eva is a fairy. So cute. Here's Cooper and his Mimi (Bryan's Momma):

Granny, Pop and the little Dragon:

Cooper, Eva and I:

Eva devouring a yummy Halloween cupcake:

Cooper and Daddy carving the pumpkin. I forgot to get a picture of the pumpkin when Bryan finished it. It was glorious. Trust me.

Hope your Halloween was as fun as ours!

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