Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Happy 2nd Birthday

Two candles for our big boy...

A day that was all about you...
This morning, Daddy and I got up with you to hang out before Daddy had to go to work. You were greeted by a birthday banner and a few presents at the table. We had breakfast together- banana pancakes and cream cheese scrambled eggs. Mmm. A monkey cup and plate- robbed from the party supplies for Sunday. I wanted your morning to be special. I think you liked it. You tried several times to say 'Happy Birthday Cooper' when you pointed at the banner. Very cute. You even gave breakfast a fair shake- one whole pancake and about half of your scrambled eggs. Oh, and of course the entire glass of Mango OJ. :)

After breakfast, Daddy headed to work and you and I went to the bookstore to have some fun and search for books. You met a cute little girl that was fascinated by you and you two played together for a while. After the bookstore, we made a quick stop at the playground (park! as you call it). You had sleepy-face from the moment we set out this morning, so we had to go home for a snooze (me &you!) before having more birthday fun.

After nap, we had lunch at Chick-fil-A (complete with very delicious strawberry milkshake) and then went on an adventure to Leaping Lizards- the jumpy place. You were very good at lunch- ate lots and had fun with some people that were sitting nearby. Your smile and silly attitude is hard to resist. Needless to say, you had a blast at the jumpy thing. We went down slides, jumped in all of the bouncy things and just acted silly. I loved being able to hold your hand as we went down the slides together! It was so much fun.

This evening, when Daddy got home, we watched Shrek, ate dinner and went on a walk in your rain boots and new umbrella. After bath, we sang to you and opened one last present. You were so adorable sitting in front of that piece of cake with the candles on it. You looked truly happy and tried your best to blow the candles out. So completely amazing. We are incredibly grateful to have you in our lives. You are so much fun. We love you. Happy Birthday!

Can't wait for your big party on Sunday...


  1. happy, happy birthday sweet boy! looks like an absolutely perfect day!

    and special xoxo to you too mama - your baby is two :)

  2. Sounds like a perfect 2nd birthday...too cute!

  3. Happy Birthday Cooper! What a perfect present you got - an umbrella and boots!

    i miss you guys.