Monday, March 30, 2009

3 Toothbrush Family

The sight of this:

almost melted my heart earlier tonight. Cooper has been getting a mouthful of teeth in the past few months so he has graduated to his very own toothbrush. And there it is- I will bore you no further with the details of his toothbrushing. It's just cute. That tiny little tb.

Spring's warm weather has breezed through several days this month- I'm ready for the real deal. Enough of this moping around indoors and digging through the fridge...

and standing around playing the piano...

and giving kitty a hug...

and trying to put on Daddy's shoes...

The real kick-off to warm weather happens in about 4 weeks when Bryan, Cooper and I head down to Destin for a little beach vacation. Our first, just-us, little family vacation. Can't wait!


  1. I love it...3 little tb's! Love all the pictures, too! So big and so cute. Our first just us trip was to was just the tiny three of us in the great big world. Pretty cool.
    Port a crib in hotel room. Not that cool.

  2. totally know what you mean about the 3 toothbrushes - huge mama moment :)

    and seriously friend he is adorable!!

  3. He's so precious. Ana has yet to cut a tooth through so no toothbrush yet, but soon, I'm sure.

  4. The one of him hugging Sam. OMG. I could die.

  5. Oh, boy, do I miss you guys. Cooper just makes you that much more lovable.

    That sure is a nice looking outfit he's got on.

  6. such a sweet story! when phillip moved in with me... i posted a similar picture of our toothbrushes in the cup together... but all my comments were, "ew" and not "cute"!

    see you again soon! i almost like have separate appointments so i can harass you more often.

  7. Holy cow- could he BE any cuter??

  8. Oh, I can't decide whether she's naughty or just really cute. LOL! But I have to admit, the little toothbrush is really cute! How much was that? I'll buy something like that for me in the future! LOL!