Tuesday, May 06, 2008

36 Weeks and Some Fun Photos

Just thought I'd post a recent belly picture. It getting LARGE and I am getting rather uncomfortable. It is especially bad when I eat more food than I have room for- which is pretty much every meal. When will I learn?

Here's a silly picture of me and Bryan this past weekend:

And some decorations I was working on for the babe's room. I decided to nix the dots. I thought they were cute but not quite right for the room. He's too sophisticated for dots. :)

The family has been working overtime on the upstairs. It's coming along great and we are really getting excited seeing it all come together. We've imagined it so many times and it is just awesome to be getting so close to finished! I think we will be ready to paint this weekend and have carpet installed in the bedroom by the following weekend. Can't believe it! Here's Bryan working on the cabinet where all of our media components will be stored.

Here's Mom and Babette playing in the construction dust!

Have a great week!

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  1. As I see the pic with his initials in it, it occurs to me why you chose the name you did. Cooper Beck, Cory Byrom. Coincidence?? I doubt it.

    Consider me flattered!