Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Cupcakes are Grrreat!

I didn't even eat one but I know they were good. Today was Bryan's boss' bday so I made him some fun cupcakes. I've been kinda obsessed with making cupcakes for the last couple of months. I really like decorating them- it's so much fun. Here's some of them:

I am going to try to post a little more often here at the end of my pregnancy. I only have 3 weeks left until my due date and I am getting a little anxious. In a good way, though. Bryan and I both are just really excited to meet him. I keep having these BIZARRE dreams about giving birth to him in various ways. Last night, I dreamed I was both the physician and the patient- two different bodies. My doctor self gave my pregnant self a c-section and when the baby came out he was really tiny and fetus-like. After I wiped him off, he turned into a normal looking baby. See, that's why I had to put bizarre in all caps.

There's still a lot of stuff I need to get done before the babe arrives. I keep putting off getting my car serviced and cleaned. And that means I keep putting off installing the car seat. This makes me nervous. I should just go get it done! Then I would feel better. For some reason, I feel that the baby cannot possibly be driven home in a dirty car. I realize this is somewhat ridiculous but nonetheless, I must have the car completely cleaned professionally. Otherwise, I did decide that it was time to pack the hospital bag last night. I'm mostly packed but I will have to wait til the last minute to throw in a few things. Don't worry- I've made a LIST! Some other things I'd like to do: get a few last things for the baby's room, make a few frozen dinners for post-baby, get the upstairs bedroom finished so we can move up there, put together the bouncy seat and his bassinet, put a few last photos and words in my pregnancy journal, finish prepping a first-year scrapbook for Cooper, get pregnancy photos taken by my friend Kelly. You know, just a few minor things...

Well, I'm kinda sleepy so I can't think to write anything coherent or interesting! I'll post some photos and an update on the baby's room and the upstairs in the next couple of days. We are getting close!

Here's a photo of me at 37 weeks:

And, happy Momma's Day to all my Momma's out there: Mom, Linda, Kelly, Sara, Beki, Jessica, Emily, Melissa...Love y'all and thanks for walking me through this motherhood thing.


  1. Anonymous1:16 PM

    Is that the same tank top from the 36 week picture?

  2. Is that the same shirt that you're wearing in the 36 week picture? If so, it's fitting you way different!