Tuesday, April 22, 2008

We're no Rothko but we are trying

I've lured Bryan into making a little art for the baby's room. It is something I have been thinking about for a while but I was a little hesitant because things I make (that involve paint and canvas) tend to fall short of the vision in my head. Clearly I'm no painter but that doesn't stop me from trying. Bryan, on the other hand, knows a thing or two about design and painting. So, I've enlisted his help for this latest attempt at art. I started this project yesterday before he came home from work- $12.00 a piece canvases at my mercy. Yikes. Good thing he came home shortly after. I pretty much was hating what I had done to the first of three canvases and Bryan came in and helped me find a direction. Yay! It has been a lot of fun learning from him and having him help me decide how and where to put the paint. It's a many-day process because we are making abstract-ish pieces that have lots of (dried) layers of paint. Kinda inspired by the artist Mark Rothko. Even though apparently Rothko hated being called an abstract painter. But he was- anyway...Here's our work so far:

Bryan's is the darker one on the right and mine's the one with all the teal. JLWS- I know you love teal! But it won't be teal for long. Just 'til the next layer goes on. I'll keep you posted and hopefully the end results will be baby-wall worthy!

Two weekends ago we had a really fun baby shower at the home of Bryan's boss. We were lucky to get a few loved ones in town from Texas and Ohio for the weekend. Now Lauren knows my Dad and Linda way more than she ever thought possible. We spent all day together and then went to dinner. She's such a good sport! Here's some pics of the visitors:

We had a really good time mixing friends, family and co-workers at the shower. Lots of fun and good food! If anyone out there has pictures- please email me some because I have none! My camera stayed in my purse all day.

Here's your moment of Zen for the day. My pup loving on a jar of Skippy PB. She LOVES PB!


  1. Can't wait to see the finished product. I just did some nursery art (Veeeery basic!) in Isabella's nursery. I'll have to post it soon.

  2. I loved hanging with you, "BK," your Dad and Linda! And all of your family and friends. I'm so glad I was able to share that time with you! Looking forward to meeting Cooper and seeing you again soon! xo, Lo