Thursday, April 03, 2008

Our Big Weekend

Yay, we had a full weekend of getting stuff done! Bryan actually had the whole weekend off from work so he and Bill went full steam on the upstairs remodel project. It was awesome, especially since I am exempt from heavy lifting. Bryan and Bill really got a lot done (thanks!!) and we are not too far away from having the drywall guy come out to finish the walls. This will be the first time we have EVER hired out work on this house. We have done everything ourselves (with much help from family) and it seems strange to let someone else work on our baby after all these years. But, drywalling is for suckers! That we pay! Anyway, it is so cool to see it all come together and we are so excited about having this brand new space that we designed to live in. When it is completed, we will have an additional 730 square feet of master bed, bath and walk-in closet! Bryan designed and built a beautiful and functional shelving system for the closet and it will be so nice for organizing all of our clothing and bedding. Our house was built in 1950 and our current bedroom closet is ridiculously small. Apparently people didn't have as much crap to store back then. Our new bathroom will also dwarf the current one. So will the new bedroom. See folks, this is a major step up for the Kelley family! Bigger, better, newer, awesomer! Here's a view of the progress: Don't know why it looks like it is snowing in our bedroom...

The ladies spent the weekend working on the baby's room. My Mom and I picked up some more of his furniture and washed and folded all of his baby clothes. So cute! This boy has so many clothes already. Here's me removing tags and sorting into piles for their first wash in yummy Dreft. That stuff smells so good. Babies. Yum.
Diapers I've bought on sale. It's my new obsession. This isn't even 1/3 of it.

I couldn't get over the sight of this:
How tiny and adorable. I love baby socks.

Bryan and Mom opening the boxes of glider and dresser. I already LOVE the glider. I could take a serious nap in that thing. Thanks Dad and Linda!

Here's a drawer full of clothes. Ok, so maybe I went a little overboard on the onesies. But, they are just so darn cute! And truthfully, only like 2/3 of that drawer is onesies. I swear.

I almost cried when we were done washing all of his things and it was all put away in his dresser. I'm not sure if I can even explain why. I just felt like it was something I had been anticipating and was excited about doing and then it was all done. His clothes are no longer brand, brand new and sitting in bags with tags waiting on his arrival. It just made me a little sad. Time marches on and I realize that all of this waiting for him to be here will soon be gone and it will seem like it happened in the blink of an eye. He'll be born, he will grow up. It is happening too fast already and he's not even born yet. I have really tried to enjoy my pregnancy and relish the moments when he is flip-flopping inside me but I feel like it won't be enough. Enough to remember, to never forget how amazing and special this is, enough to forever be thankful for the opportunity to carry him.

Here's a little update on my body. Try not to stare at my huge mams too long. Good golly I hope they don't get too much bigger.

For my own memory, I am 32 weeks in this pic.


  1. i love the socks in the dryer pic...adorable. dont worry you can never have enough onesies. that one on the bottom left with the little car - simon has that one. it feels like forever since ive seen it! made me a little sad. i love the glider...good good purchase. im really intrigued by this shelving system. really seems like you are getting there....then you can sit back and just wait for cooper to make his grand entrance.

  2. What an exciting post! You guys have lots of good stuff on your plate. The dryer pic is a framer!

  3. I am so way excited to see you guys!!

    You look BEAUTIFUL! (you, too, B)

  4. you do look beautiful. i love that my friends all look lovely when they're preggo.

    i'm so darn excited about this little guys i can barely stand it. i wish i could see you more. thanks for the blog - it really helps.

  5. little guy, just one. i'm not wishing twins on you, even though that would be very exciting.

  6. Anonymous11:33 AM

    What a great post! I love it. You look so good. You are just pregnant in your belly (well, and your "mams"--very pregnant!) You can never have too many onesies. Lily pooped out of her pants 3 times a for the first 6 months. You'll use them all! So the little socks in the dryer, I think we have the same dryer. Is that a Maytag? Weird. I'm getting ready to start washing and putting away #2's clothes. Nothing is new though. Yet. I'm so happy it's all coming together. When is the projected done date on the new bed/bath/closet? It looks like it'll be great. Bryan is so handy. I miss you.