Thursday, April 17, 2008

34 Weeks

I finally feel like my pregnancy is coming to a close. I have about 6 weeks left. It seems kinda like a long time but not really. Today I said my first goodbye to a client that I won't be seeing until after the baby is born. Weird. Next time I see her I'll be a Mom and Cooper will be on the OUTSIDE! It seems not long ago that I was thinking,"I'll be seeing all of my clients two more times before I am out on maternity leave." Now, I am seeing everyone for their last visit. It is exciting but a little scary. I guess I have gone through different stages of reality sinking in and this is another in that long line of realizations. I'm actually going to have a baby. I remember my good friend Kelly saying that there is a reason that it takes 9 (10) months to have a baby. It prepares you for what lies ahead. It would be alarming to just wake up one day and have a baby in the house. Imagine if it was as quick as taking the pregnancy test. "Congratulations! Your baby will be here in five minutes! Good luck with everything!" Haha. I've enjoyed this experience- even the heartburn, the morning sickness, the uncomfortableness. I've needed these 40 weeks to mentally and physically prepare for our son to be a part of our family.

In the spirit of pregnancy, here's a Top Ten List of things people have asked me as a pregnant woman. I could answer these questions in my sleep (if I was actually getting any, that is).

1- Are you excited? YES!
2- Do you know if it is a boy or a girl? Boy-as far as we know.
3- What hospital are you delivering at? Piedmont, hopefully. :)
4- Is this your first baby? Yup.
5- Do you know what you are going to name him? Cooper Beck Kelley.
6- Do you have the nursery all ready/ what's the nursery like? Sort of/ baby boy pastels- blue, green, cream, brown.
7- Is your Mom excited? Of course!
8- Is your husband excited? YES!
9- Are you going to breastfeed? MYOB. Just kidding. I plan on it.
10- How are you feeling? Depends on the day. For the most part, I can't complain.

I get these questions a lot being that I work with the public. My clients are always curious and I love sharing with them. I especially enjoy the conversations with my girls that are having babies now, too. It's good to feel validated and to hear women tell their birth story when it is so fresh in their mind.

The weather is beautiful here in the sunny south. Today was crystal clear and pleasantly warm. Bring on the warm weather! I love spring! Tank tops, flip flops, margaritas (after the baby, of course), pool time, walking the dog, tans, sunglasses, no jackets. Mmmm. Can't wait to push my baby in a stroller.


  1. Awww... I need to get my hair did before you go. You'll still be working the first half of May at least, right?

  2. Hey..we need a pic with the post!