Saturday, April 03, 2010

Celebrating a Life

I'll just speak to you as if you could read this, because I'm not sure else how to write it...

I love you, girl. A true friend and companion, loyal, loyal, loyal to those nearest to you. Especially your Papa and me. This weekend, we are going through a really tough thing with you. Probably one of the most difficult and painful experiences of our lives. You're not feeling very good. There's a tumor. We found out yesterday that we don't have long. It happened so fast that we are doing our best to keep you comfortable for this weekend, for just a few days. We need to love on you and to feel you near, at the base of our chairs, the foot of the bed, and by our side on just a few more walks around the neighborhood. We want to catch a few last glimpses of the girl we've loved over the last eight years. You're a huge part of our life and our love. You were the first thing that was your Dad and I's together. You're our first baby.

I want to thank you for all of the happiness, the laughter, the love and the lessons you've given us. It's been a true joy to know you. One of the things about you that is so amazing is how much you like to be with us. You've traveled to places near and far because of this. There's not a car ride you wouldn't go on. From the very first week we had you, I started taking you to work with me at Pop and Granny's store. You were this tiny little black fluffball whom napped under the bolt bin and on the bottom shelf of the parts counter. You sniffed for balls under the parts bins, barked away at many a customer whose gait irritated you or whose voice tweaked your ears the wrong way. :) From the outside looking in, I think people thought you were cranky (and maybe you were), but from my point of view, every bark was for us. You just wanted to protect what you loved best. Thank you, girl.

I think what I love best about you is how you are always near us. You are like a little shadow, a pal that needs to be where the action is. This was true from the moment we brought you home- no crate for you. I had to sleep on the floor with you at night until I convinced your Papa that having a dog in the bed was a good idea. :) And I'm so glad you made it there. Having you at the foot of the bed is always a comfort to me. I've loved having your warmth and sleepy body to wake up to in the morning. Morning, girl. With a little rub on your velvet forehead.

There are so many little things that I want to always remember about you. The way you mashed every couch cushion we've ever owned because sitting in the window was where it's at. Barking at any little thing going by. The way you hate to go outside in the rain. Your little princess feet could not get wet. It's silly, but the way you spin in circles to find the perfect spot for pooping. The way you LOVE to play ball. The way you get that wild look on your face and in your eyes when we are pouncing our hands on the floor at you. How you LOVE to take walks around the neighborhood and sniff and sniff and sniff. How you learned what bag was yours at Christmas and would stick your head through the tissue paper and snort at whatever was inside (raquetballs, tennis balls, a new collar). The way you know when we would get off of the interstate to go home and you would jump in my lap as we make the u-turn on to our street. Yes, I will miss you riding in the car with me so much. My little co-pilot.Drinking pond water. Following your Dad from back to front back to front, when he was working in the yard. You're a food beggar. Big time. And I swear at Thanksgiving, when you steal a billion rolls from the hands of all the kids, your tummy is as big as the ocean and made of steel. How you always carry the empty cat food cans under the dining room table and lick them clean. How you and your Papa share peanut butter and he lets you lick the empty jars clean.

You are wonderful, you are our girl. Big fluffy. Babs. Babette. You are loved, a million times over. Our hearts are inextricably tied to yours. We love you, girl.


  1. Oh man. So sad. Totally made me cry. I'm so sorry about Babs!

  2. I'm so sorry to read this. Your pain and heartbreak is evident. Praying for all of you.

  3. Yeah, this is really sad. Poor Bob. I'm so sorry, you guys.