Monday, April 12, 2010

Homework with my Partner

There's a vibe in our household right now that has been pushing us to complete projects that we have been working on for a while. So, this weekend, needing to busy ourselves a bit, we finished a few things around the house. We have been working on a master bedroom suite in the upstairs of our house for some time now and we finished the trim in our walk-in closet on Sunday! Yay. Bryan did an excellent job and I am spoiled by the amount of space we now have to store our clothes and bedding. Here's a few shots of the final look:

While Cooper napped and Bryan worked on the closet trim, I painted our outdoor furniture. The weather was really nice and it was good to be outside working on something. We've had this old wicker furniture for years and it's been through many coats of paint. Here's the latest version:

There has been a lot of moments over the last 5 months that have been less than ideal. I find myself clinging to the parts of our life that make me the happiest and trying to squeeze every bit of happiness from life that it will allow, despite the rough spots. Our home is one of those things for me that really makes me feel good. I love the little life and the little home that we have made for ourselves. The last couple of weekends have really reminded me of how amazing my husband is. There's no better partner to hold the hand of through the good and the bad. He holds me up when I cannot manage on my own. He comforts me when I am feeling sad. He makes me laugh when there is just no other way to be. We are like a puzzle that fits together in the best of ways. Each having a piece that the other needs to become whole. I adore you, I need you, I like you, I love you. Thank you for everything that you are to me- which is both one thing or a million things, whatever I happen to need. I love the life we make together.


  1. totally loving the closet! wow! and can i come over with some coffee and sit on your porch? looks so inviting!!

    sorry things have been rough these past few months - but so glad you have each other. it makes all the difference in the world. here's to some much deserved happy news in the very near future!


  2. i'm sobbing. really, i am. beautiful words. i have been feeling the same about 2010...clinging for dear life to that which feels stable and sturdy. and loving with every fiber of my being the man that i chose to marry. oh i can't imagine where i'd be if not for him. the puzzle....yes! that's it! each of us having a piece the other needs....i couldn't have said it any better myself.
    love you---and praying for you.
    closet looks fab. i'm jealous.

  3. I think you're both fantastic.

  4. To the detriment of 1434, I've always felt that wherever you are is home, whether that be in the house, in the car on a trip, in a Mexican limo, etc. I say detriment because I saw the house as a burden: a dilapidated domicile falling apart faster than I could fix it. Now that we're finishing up some projects, I really am starting to enjoy our house (after 9 years, its about time). I'm beginning to understand your sentimental attachment to the shit hole/money pit/death trap.

    We moved into the house October '01 and got Babette a few months later. She was very much a part of our growing up and growing together as we built our home. There are plenty of pictures of her under our feet as we renovate and of course photos of her next to us as we celebrated holidays, hung out with friends - the stuff that would become our happiest memories. Looking around at all her old haunts has been tough, but the good kind of tough that you don't want to forget. I'm just saying: I get it now. Thanks for waiting for me to come around.

    The person I want to be exists in the ether between the two of us. I think the puzzle analogy is the same thing; together we are greater than the sum of our parts. I'll react to some big thing in the way I've been trained, you'll do the same, and after we push and pull a bit we create something new. I don't know about you, but it is usually something totally surprising to me. All the astrophysics books I've ever read don't incite the sense of wonder I feel just talking to you. Only because of this particular magic, I look forward to everything life throws at us, the good and the bad. We just got some bad out of the way. Time for some good.