Tuesday, March 02, 2010


I wrote this on March 2nd and never finished it. I've decided it's done enough to post anyway...

Today when you said something totally adorable, I decided it was time to write down a few of the cute things you say, before I turn 40 and you turn 10, and I forget all the cute Cooperisms. I love that you talk and I love how you pick up on all that is going on in our world. You are learning to say so many new things every day. Here's a sample:

Last week, you pulled out your rain/snow boots and kept saying, "h-now, h-now, h-now". You wanted snow. You remembered snow. From two weeks ago. That's amazing.

Today, I realized that I must ask you a lot, "are you ready?", because you started answering me, "rae!" It's so fun because you seem so proud that you answer and always with much enthusiasm.

You love your Pop and call his name, "Hop! Hop!"

You love your Granny and call her name, "Gee, Gee!" (Is it possible to rename a Grandparent after 5 other grandchildren?)

You love to answer all questions with "yeah". Except when you answer, "nuh".

Your Dad and I have a habit of singsonging, "we're ho-ome" when we pull into our drive way. You have picked up on this and now say "ho-ome" in the same singsong voice we do.

**I love you. I love you. I love you. A thousand times over. You talking is the best thing ever.**

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