Friday, January 16, 2009

FitWit Update

We just finished week two of six. It's going really great despite the fact I've had two mornings where I COULD NOT get out of bed. One for being partially sick and the other for baby being up too many times, too many nights in a row. That'll wear a girl out, coupled with getting up at 6:15am to go to workout. Otherwise, I work hard when I'm there and I feel good about it. It's a work in progress.

The first three days were once again the hardest to get through. It's just a lot of sore muscles telling me that I've been relaxing for too long. I kinda figured that when I was having dread for picking up a laundry basket! that I needed to get back to exercising. Oh, muscles, I missed you. So, in the short time of two weeks I've built enough muscle to make the everyday tasks a lot easier- picking up toys off the floor with a 20 pound baby in my arms, picking up a stuffed laundry basket, bounding up the stairs to the bedroom, etc. It's all a lot less tiring now. It feels good to notice improvement this quickly. It's motivation for fighting the good fight. I'm still not a fan of getting out of bed THAT early in the morning, though. The only bonus is that it gets it out of the way for the day. If I have to think about working out all day, I'll just come up with about 5 billion reasons why I can't. So, there ya go.

In the last few days, while sticking to my healthy eating, I've had a big aha-moment. I realized that while I do a decent job of minding the calorie count, I don't do a good job of preparing food that is a realistic long term solution to dealing with my utter love of food. I've never been a fan of starving myself thin, but I eat really boring things that I know the calorie counts on (egg beaters scramble made with Pam, side of 100% whole wheat toast, "spray butter", and low sugar jam- 300 calories) but that I probably wouldn't jump to eat if I weren't watching my food intake carefully. So, while it is painful for me to read a cookbook while on a calorie-restricted plan, I've decided that I need to scour my books to find recipes that I can adapt and enjoy for the rest of my life. For the rest of my family's life, too. It's not all about me anymore. I'm not leaving Bryan and Cooper to fend for themselves while I eat a single-portion veggie/lowfat/low-cal whatever for dinner. It's not right, it's not fair- for me or them. So far, I've made one dish! It turned out yummy and I'm hoping to make at least one new dish a week. The point is to create that lifestyle change that has eluded me thus far. I can stick to the calorie counting for a long time, but it's not the permanent change I need to make with my relationship with food. Yup, I'm that person that has a relationship with food. Gah.

Enough about that. Just needed to put it out there. If you feel like it, write a comment if you're working on or thinking about working on eating/exercising. I'd love to hear your thoughts...


  1. Oh...I'm always thinking about it...but never doing it (that is the problem!)
    Definitely post your adaptations if you're so inclined. I'm sure we could all benefit. That's the problem with me (and with Tommy) we love everything that is bad for us and nothing that is good!

  2. Food is my battle. I can exercise all that I want to and not drop a pound, but eat right and I drop weight like crazy. I've found that a really good meal that tastes good and is mostly healthy is chicken breast with lemon pepper seasoning made on the George Foreman Grill (best thing EVER, so totally should get one) and salad made up of baby spinach leaves, chopped red pepper and mushrooms with sundried tomato and oregano dressing. SO good. Fills me up. Is healthy.

  3. The long-term change is by far the hardest part. When I'm actively trying to lose weight, I generally don't have trouble sticking to eating the healthy foods. Your breakfast sounds totally fine to me in my dieting mindset, but if I weren't dieting, I'd end up going with regular eggs (and probably double the number), extra toast, and butter and jelly on there. That's one reason why Weight Watchers has worked so well for me; it keeps me accountable, but allows me to eat something bad for me every now and then without feeling guilty. But then, once I stop the program, the every-now-and-thens become more and more frequent, and before you know it I'm eating terribly again.

    My biggest problem, though, is portion control. Even if I were eating only healthy food, I'd still have weight issues because I'd eat too much of it. Trail mix is a good example. It's totally good for you if you eat the 1/4 cup serving size once a day or so. If unchecked I'll easily eat like quadruple that amount. Twice a day.

    And with the kids around, it's even worse, because I find myself finishing grilled cheese sandwiches, or eating the last, lone chicken nugget, or whatever little bites are left behind. I've got one of those appetites that isn't satisfied until I'm stuffed. And it's something that I know I inherited from seeing my dad do it (he used to joke about how when he and my mom would go out to dinner, he'd wait to find out what she was ordering, then he'd make himself order something smaller because he knew he'd get half of hers too...something I totally find myself doing now). Realizing that it's something I got from my dad makes me wonder how I'm going to keep my kids from getting it from me. I've often told Kelly how she's going to have to at least act like she's eating more vegetables and stuff in front of the kids because I know how much they're influenced by us, but all the while my own habits are probably just as bad as her pickiness. It's yet another area where this parenting crap is hard.

    Oh, and speaking of weight watchers, since we've finished off most of the food you guys so generously brought us, I'm free to start the program again on Monday. Wish me luck. :-)

  4. Cory- I totally agree with everything you said. It is really tough knowing that our children are basically this blank slate and we are the ones that will influence how they see food (among other things). I think my Dad has always struggled with food and he didn't want me to have a hard time with it. However, what I remember of him trying to "help me" was him telling me I shouldn't be eating certain things (all while eating those things himself). I know he was just doing what he thought was helpful, but it just led to feelings of guilt and shame around eating for me. Not sure how that plays into my issues now but it was no fun as a kid. I know I definitely don't want to make Cooper ever feel bad about eating. Parenting is hard and complicated.

    Sara- I'd love to post recipes as I test them! I'll put the 2 up that I've tried sometime over the next few days.

    Courtney- Glad you're hanging around. It's fun getting to know you. The recipe sounds yummy and right up my alley. I'm a huge fan of grilled chicken and spinach salads. Do you make your own dressing?