Monday, January 22, 2007

Week 3

Well, today begins week 3 of my fitness bootcamp. Yipee! It's been a really great experience so far. The first week was really tough- on the body, the mind, the spirit. Exercising this hard is something I have never done in my life so it has been hard getting use to it and learning how I can get through each workout. The first 3 days were the hardest on the body. I was soooo sore! But that's better now.

Week 2 was good. I was able to push myself harder and I really felt good about that. I'm not the most coordinated person, so it was nice to feel like I was improving at things like jump rope. Yeah, I suck at jump rope! It's so hard! But, sticking in there and doing my best paid off. Hef and I both made "camper of the week" last Friday! We have been working really hard. It helps when your instructor just so happens to see you working out the 5th day on your own in the park! Go us! I couldn't be doing this without Heffie. It helps SO much to have a partner in exercise and the DIET!

Which brings me to my next thought: the food! The nutritional guidance has been really working for me. Keeping the food journal has made me stay on track with the exception of a few slips here and there. This is probably equally as hard as exercising for me. I love food and I love eating food. I threw somewhat of a tantrum the very first day of this eating thing and I told the hubby I didn't think (and I quote) "I could live like this"! Ha! I guess I'm just kind of laughing at myself because I was kinda being a baby about it! But, really it is hard just because I REALLY DO love food. I'm glad that I sucked it up and did it though. I've dropped 9 pounds so far and got major kudos from the coach on my food journal. Apparently I could be a weight-watchers meal planner. :) It's only for 6 weeks and it is teaching me better eating habits, believe it or not. I think the long-term benefits will be better portion control, not using food as a reward, and less bingeing. I never really thought about how many calories I was consuming before. Yikes!

Anyway, enough about that! I started knitting 2 weeks ago and I'm still working on my first scarf. Good golly I'm a slow knitter. The first 5 inches of the scarf has about ten-million dropped stitches, so it has plenty of character. I'm hoping to use my sewing skills to hide them when I'm done. I have to because, of course, I bought really expensive Alpaca to make my first piece!

B and I went car shopping this weekend. It was fun and annoying. Car salesmen are both hilarious and rediculous. "What do I have to do to get you in this Honda today? You're killing me here! I'm going to get fired for asking for this price!" Ha ha. B and I had material to last us all afternoon to make fun of these guys. It takes forever to even just find out the price of a car! We test-drove a Pilot and a Chrysler Pacifica. I liked both. Still looking, though. Next will be a Toyota 4Runner and Nissan Murano.

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  1. Yay for you! I'm so proud of you!