Sunday, January 07, 2007

FitWit or DimWit?

Haay! I'm back! I'm getting ready to start a crazy 6 weeks. Hef and I decided to sign up for a fitness bootcamp called FitWit that starts tomorrow at 6am. Yes, 6am. Now you understand the title. We will be up bright and early 4 days a week to get our fitness on. Good times. This is the first time I have ever attempted any type of fitness program since I was forced to take PE in high school. Hopefully this will be less dramatic. Maybe I should still carry my gym gear to class in a Gap bag though? Gotta make sure everyone thinks I'm cool.

Christmas was a blast and I really enjoyed the time off from work. Ten whole days salon-free. Aahhh. We also got a lot of work done on our upstairs remodel. Next will be installing drywall and lighting. Yay. I can't wait until we have a master-suite! You know, for the masters of the house.

New Year's Eve was really fun, as well. It was a small crowd (we missed a few faces), but we had a great time. I guess as I 'get on in years' (said in an old, gruff voice) I really appreciate the time I get to spend with my friends. It was great to sit around and relax, chatting and a little bit of drinking, of course. I got to know a few people a little better that were just casual friends before. That was nice.

I'm looking forward to taking a trip to Tenn/Ohio later this month to visit family. We are also getting some fresh beef from my Dad's farm. Yum!

I might teach myself to knit tomorrow for fun. B got me a book for xmas.

PS- Just some good webshopping--check out I got B a wallet there and it's really awesome. And for a good laugh and a few awwwws--check out I almost raced through the whole site but B gave me the good advice of "save some for a rainy day". Which I have often. :)

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