Monday, December 08, 2008

Picture Motherload

Here's the photos from Thanksgiving that I promised! Take a seat. There's lots of pictures to see!

Here's us with our *2* trees this year. Are we bourgeoisie or what? But, really, there had to be a tree in the new NORTH wing of our home. Ha.

Here's my little booboo in his bear bundler. Oh, so cute.

Baby boy snuggling his Mama during the Macy's parade. We were much cozier than those fools on the street in NYC.

Eva with Cooper and his first Christmas presents, ever! Courtesy of Grandma and Grandpa in Ohio. This picture makes me smile. Big. He just looks so giddy.

Proud Pop. Cooper studying a feather during craft time on Turkey Day. We made little turkey pins.

Granny and her boy.

This cracks me up. Cooper LOVES to pull hair and this is him going in for the kill. Mouth open, ready to receive handful of hair. Yum! Good thing Mimi loves him so much. Pretty sure she'll forgive him.

Winter hat. He sure is hard to photograph now that he's on the move! I think I took about 30 photos of him in this hat- 28 of which were useless.

Cooper with Great Grandma Siders. She's so proud of him. I love seeing her hold him.

Emily & Eva, Me & Cooper, Sara & Isabella.

Kelley/Mote clan. It's hard getting everyone to cooperate when there's a baby involved! :)

Grandpa and his first Grandson. Proud as a peacock!

Us with the husbands. Too bad the kids are all looking at the wrong camera. Or are the adults looking at the wrong one?? Clearly, there must have been something interesting going on where the babies were looking.

Self-explanatory cuteness.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Next year, I'll be eatin' turkey and mashed potatoes!


  1. He is unbelievably cute. The bear snuggler could make someone kidnap him it's so cute. Love the new banner, too. Seriously...all great photos. Do post pictures of your decorated tree(s).

  2. Cute pics!! Miss you guys! xo, Lo

  3. it might just be too much cuteness for one post, but im not complaining. he is showing so much personality now, i love it. can't wait to see you guys this weekend and let the boys play!!! i love that a sucker for those winter hats on babiess too.

  4. Anonymous3:28 PM

    I can't wait to see all this adorable-ness in person, finally!
    Make sure he's wearing a hat when I see him. There's nothing cuter than babies in hats.

  5. Ok. You can be honest with me. Buying them clothes really is the best part of having a baby, right?

  6. Can I just bring you guys all home with me after Christmas?

  7. Hey girl, happy Birthday! I wanted to email you, but don't have your info. Also, glad you liked the pesto- I bought Joel a mezzaluna for Christmas, so now we can make it for REALS. Love, Jess

  8. Oh my word is he ever cute! I LOVE the bear snuggly. Seriously, any kid clothing item with ears? Totally awesome.

  9. oh my, he is so, so cute!!