Saturday, July 26, 2008

One for the girls...

I've got a couple of photos I want to share. This first one is for Aunt Beth- who loved this outfit when she saw it in Cooper's drawer before he was born. Size 3-6 months- I can't believe he is wearing it now. He looks like such a cute snugglebug in it. There's just something about a baby in pajamas that I can't resist.

The next couple are for Aunt Joy. A few photos of our shared fun weekend on July 11th. I am so glad you came to visit. It's always so good to see you and reminds me even more of why I miss you so much. Thanks for making the effort to come visit and always making time for us. We love you.

And the last one here is for cousin Sara. We are loving Cooper in the outfit you sent. He looks darn sharp in his polo! Can't wait to see you next week and get some photos of the babies together. I hope we can get one of them together on Grandma's couch (like the ones of us as babies). Too bad they are not both girls or we could get them matching knickerbockers with red tights. I guess we'll have to settle for coordinating instead of matching. Bummer.


  1. Oh how cute!! It fits him perfectly! He is seriously totally handsome! Can't believe we'll be seeing each other this week!

  2. Oh my god, I love him! He's so gigantic. I didn't realize how gigantic he was when I was holding him. Even though he gets really heavy after about ten minutes. Thank you for posting these! I hope you guys are having/had fun.

    And I always love seeing you, too.