Monday, July 14, 2008

Cooper Pics

I realize this blog is becoming very baby heavy. Sorry people if that's not what you're in to. :) Someday I'll probably write more about something else, but for now, this is what ya get. My cute baby!!

Here's a little photo montage of what me and the baby have been up to lately:
Aunt Beth and her new nephew. She's in love. Me too.

Baby boy in my favorite sleeper and blanket. Green is his color!!

We learned to use the bouncy seat about two weeks ago. He likes it for about ten minutes on a full belly but then he wants to snuggle. Can't blame him. Snuggling beats bouncing by yourself any day.

Me and Cooper after his bath time.

Cutie Pie in his bath robe in Granny's arms. The bath robe is adorable but his face is more adorable.

Thanks for keeping up with us here. I miss those of you who I haven't seen in a while. You out of state, out of country folk. Things are mellowing out here in the Kelley household. I keep feeling better and better everyday which really helps me feel like I am able to do my job as a Mom so much better. It's a lot easier to take care of someone else when you are feeling well yourself. Cooper is really growing by leaps and bounds. We took him for a one month check up two weeks ago and he was weighing ten pounds then! He's really filling out everywhere. I didn't realize how skinny he was when he was first born! I have three weeks left until I go back to work part-time and I am trying to soak up every minute of being home with him. It's starting to sink in that I won't be with him every minute of the day. I have mixed feelings about that. I know it will be good to be at work (and it's only part-time) but I am really going to miss him even for those few hours.

We threw Bryan a surprise 30th birthday party on friday night. It was a success and I can't believe we actually were able to surprise him. I am terrible at keeping secrets from him so I figured I would blow it at some point. But I didn't!! We had quite a crowd at the house and proceeded to drink ourselves silly all night. It was pretty fun! Bryan's Mom kept Cooper at her house that night. It was his first night away from us ever. It went pretty well. I only cried a little. Ok, a lot when I got really drunk but I survived. Bryan and I went to dinner together before the party and it was really nice to get to spend time together. We miss each other!

Well, gotta feed the baby! Thanks for reading!

PS- More pictures to come of this past weekend. Joy was in town to meet the baby and to come to the party. It was wonderful to see you Joy!! Can't wait to upload the pictures we took. There's some cute ones!

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