Monday, June 16, 2008

Pictures of Cooper

As you's some pics of my baby!
The first three are photos taken by my good friend Kelly. She's an awesome artist and takes beautiful photos. I can't wait to see the rest of the pics from our newborn session with her. The picture of the three of us is taken in our new upstairs bedroom. We are loving it up there even though it is not fully done yet. I'll try to get some progress shots up here for you to see how it is going. Cooper and I take lots of naps on the new king sized bed. Lots of room for us to spread out and snooze!

Earlier today in his cute little onesie:

Cooper's first sponge bath at home. He looks relaxed here but that soon changed when the temperature wasn't just exactly perfect. He's not a fan of temperature fluctuations. He really hates wet wipes. It makes diaper changing a blast! :)

Bryan with his first Father's Day card. I went out of the house for the first time on my own on Father's Day to pick up a card for Bryan. That's why he got the bottom of the barrel teddy bear card.

Cooper's first stroller ride in his fancy-schmancy Bumbleride:


I love how he's sleeping here:

Bryan went back to work today. Eeek! Cooper and I survived our first day alone without to much craziness. We even managed an outing together to pick up Babette from the groomer. I get pretty scared when I have to take him out of the house. Especially by myself! But, we did ok and he slept the entire 15 minutes we were out. Ha! I can't believe leaving the house for 15 minutes takes so much preparation and worry. I know it will get easier but it is so hard for me to imagine that at this point. I get worried that he will get hungry, that he will cry inconsolably, that he will dirty his diaper, that I will drop him in front of a crowd, etc, etc. All pretty much things I could handle, but still...

Enjoy the pictures!


  1. First things first...I swear I only come to your blog once but each time I do the FeedJit thing says Louisville like 30 times???
    Anyway, I loved all the photos! I talked to Gram today and she was so excited about the pictures and note you sent her. She told me ALL about it...even the dimensions of the notecard...not kidding. It was so sweet.
    It all gets easier...but it's something you have to find out for yourself. I recall Tommy's first day back at work. It totally felt like he broke up with me. I cried. Several times.

  2. i think it took me two weeks to get our with simon by myself too. i was so nervous! exactly like you, its crazy isnt it. the teddy bear card cracked me up. love it. ill try to get the photos to you soon! im impressed you are finding the time to blog.

  3. Anonymous6:39 PM

    Finally! These were worth the wait...
    Keep 'em coming.

  4. Drop him in front of a crowd? Ha. Funny the things we worry about. That would have never occured to me. They say everyone drops their baby at least once. Laure and Lynne both dropped Allison and Kate on the tiled kitchen floors. Lynne said that she just stood there and screamed until Ralph come into the kitchen to pick her up.

  5. Oh, and Cooper's super cute, of course. I want to try to come by and see him this weekend... I'll call you later. My mom is in town and I think she may want to see him, but I can keep her away if you don't want to deal with her.

  6. Dear Cooper: You're Awesome!

    Jennifer, you're such a strong mama - I'm so excited for you as you experience all the newness! Fantastic of you to keep up the blog during all of it, too!

    Sending positive vibes - always!


  7. Hey!

    I found your blog from Corey's and had to see your new addition. He is adorable!! I love the pictures- especially the one where he's sleeping with his little hand over his face. Congratulations to you both!!

  8. Yay, yay! He's so cute - I also love the sleeping one...and I'd be afeared to leave alone too. Sometimes I feel that way now, and I don't have a baby to drop in front of a crowd.

    I can't wait to see you guys!