Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year

Only one hour left of 2007. Bryan and I are a low-key pair tonight. Bryan came down with a stomach virus this morning and has been in bed all day. Me being pregnant, I am more than happy to join him in laying around. Bummer we had to cancel our get-together for this evening. We pretty much always have a New Year's Eve party so it is kinda weird sitting at home just the two of us. We are going to break out the sparkling cider here in a bit. This will by far be the cheapest New Year's we have had in a loooong time. We can put the small fortune we usually spend on booze and appetizers toward something grown up like a new dining room table or a crib for the baby boy. :)

This has been a good year for us. It certainly has had its high points here toward the end. Gosh, looking back it is hard to remember all that has happened. I started out the year wanting to change a major problem for me- my weight. It wasn't a New Year's resolution because I just don't believe in those things. Never seems to stick. This was more of something I needed to do. I'm proud to say I lost 39 pounds this year and am in the best shape of my life (well, pre-pregnancy).

Heather and I running our first 5k

Bryan and I have done a lot of traveling this year and have gotten some good beach-time. We love the beach. If we aren't at the beach when we are on vacation, then it just doesn't really feel like vacation. Two trips we took this summer were particularly fun- Panama City beach with our families and California with Bryan's family. Mmmm, gives me a sunshine hankering just thinking about it.

PCB Memorial Day Weekend

California on Bryan's Aunt and Uncle's awesome boat

Bryan's sister got married this summer to a really great guy. Their wedding was beautiful and a true expression of who they are. Beth was a gorgeous bride and her dress was perfect on her. We had a lot of fun going up to Athens for the weekend. They seem really happy which is so nice to see. I think since I love being married, it just makes me really happy to see other happily married couples. I don't know- I'm just a true romantic at heart. I like the happy endings.

When I think about the year in general, Bryan and I had a lot of fun. We knew that a baby was close in our future and I think we wanted to make the most of every moment just the two of us. We are so ready for this baby but we also love hanging out just us. Some of my favorite times this year were Saturday nights at La Fonda (a cuban restaurant that has tasty, cheap margaritas). We would head over there after I got off work and have dinner and drinks and just talk and talk. I love that.

The next year is sure to bring a ton of excitement and change for us and our family. It is hard for me to imagine what it will be like. I have seen so many friends and family go through this baby thing, but I think it is different when it is US going through it! :) I can't wait to see what this little guy looks like and to experience all that he will bring to our lives.

Hopefully, we will be starting off the new year with a last hurrah beach vacation in February. We aren't sure where yet- looking for suggestions. Mexico, Hawaii, the Caribbean? Somewhere beautiful and relaxing.

Well, Happy New Year to all. I'm so grateful for all of you- wonderful friends and family. May the New Year be a beautiful one.


  1. mmmm...sparkling cider! the loving being married/loving seeing other people find their true happiness thing. i feel the exact same way. it warms my heart to see that, as our grandma so eloquently puts it, there is a lid for every pot!
    Also...funny for me to see that your favorite times are at a little restaurant, drinking tasty mergs, talking to your husband. ME TOO! Tommy, bless his little heart, doesn't quite love to talk as much as I do...but he knows (after 4 years of marriage) to humor me! I could talk for hours.
    Also, if you are anything like us...the money you save tonight is just a preview of what the year will bring. Dinners/nights out were SO much cheaper without the drinks. (Tommy ended up not drinking a whole lot either--no fun to drink alone i guess). Unfortunately, you will have to spend all that money plus a bunch more on one berzillion pieces of baby gear.
    happy 08 to you, dear cousin....

  2. of course i meant margs...not mergs. proofreading is not a strength of mine.
    by the way, the boat and beach pics are great.