Wednesday, December 05, 2007


Wow, it is already December 5th! Goodness. We received our first Christmas card in the mail today. I love getting actual mail in the mailbox. The virtual kind is nice but the paper kind is so much nicer. I am in stage 1 of getting our cards out- get cards out of storage. Check. I always buy them 50% off the previous year so it is always a surprise to me what they look like when I pull them out. Kinda fun. We've been doing a photo card for the last couple of years, which is pretty fun. I don't always get around to writing much in the card so I feel that the photo in some way makes up for that. :) Right? At least people can see that we are relatively healthy- ie we still have our heads and teeth. Now, just gotta get dolled up and take that photo.

In baby news, we will be finding out the sex of our child (at least that's what I think is in there) on December 28th. The day before my 30th birthday. I can't think of a present any better than that. I'm pretty excited! I'm thinking that it might be a boy. The only indication being a dream that I had over Thanksgiving that I had a cute little 2 year old boy wearing a white turtleneck (would I really put him in a turtleneck?) and navy corduroy pants. In the dream, I put both of my hands on either side of his face and pulled him really close to mine- to try to see what/who he looked like. As dreams go, I of course could see nothing. Oh well, guess I will have to wait til he's born! Anyway, Bryan keeps calling it a he as well. So, we will be kinda shocked if it is actually a girl. I'm thrilled either way! Stay tuned for baby names.

I can't wait for vacation to start! I'm working until the 21st and then will have the rest of the year off! I like saying it that way because it makes it sound like a reallllly long time. I'm actually really looking forward to New Year's Eve. We are going to be low-key and stay home with just a few friends. I want to make some fun and yummy appetizers and just hang out and talk and watch the ball drop. I already bought beverages for myself- sparkling cider on super sale- grand total $3.40. New Year's hasn't been this cheap since 11th grade Boone's Farm buzz. Yee-haw.

Thanks to all my pals who have stopped by to read my blog. It makes it more fun to blog and keeps me motivated! Shout-out to all of my outta state or outta country readers! I love you guys! Can't wait to see you around the holidays if you are coming to Georgia. Here's one of my out-of-staters but I'm not sure she's a reader of mine yet. I just miss her.


  1. You are absolutely not going to believe this (but I have it written in my pregnancy memory book for proof) I had a dream that I had a boy and that he had cordouroy pants and a sweater AND SHOES on when he came out. The same as you...he was like a year or two old when he arrived...he was huge! I told Tommy that labor was painless (even with all those clothes and shoes on!) and that I wanted to name the baby Warren Thomas...and then I woke up. It was hysterical!
    Maybe this means you are having a girl since that is what it meant for me.
    You should google the chinese birth calendar. It was right for me and has been for every single one of my friends! Let us know what it says.

    PS...Don't knock Boones Farm. I was known to swig it during serious games of turbo cups up through my sophomore year in college! No joke! Tommy always comments how our dinner bills reduced drastically during my pregnancy because I wasn't able to order my wine! The sucky thing is--now that I can have it doesn't seem to taste as good.

  2. Jenimoore6:13 PM

    Congrats to you and B on the baby news. Been meaning to call, but you know how that goes...
    Oh, and thanks for the shout-out!
    Your favorite Shreveport, LA reader

  3. dude...the things you will do because they are cute. i bought a tigger costume in the middle of summer and pulled simon outside to get some cute shots. what the hell. i mean it was only 2 dollars so i really didnt have a choice. i guess the question is...are turtlenecks cute? i think so.

    i hope you guys have a boy. i got a tigger costume for him!

  4. I hope you have a girl and that you name her Joy. I think that's a fantastic name for a baby.

    I love that you're blogging regularly. It's a great treat.

    Can't wait to see you soon!

  5. I'm in in-state reader, but I'm reading!

  6. Hey Jeni! Thanks for the congrats. I miss you! Email me b/c I don't have your email address. Mine is

  7. Sara- the chinese birth calendar says I'm having a boy. ??? Hmmm. I wonder...

    That is so funny about your dream. Weird.

  8. hey, just found your blog and subscribed! yay! congrats on the lil peanut. itll be great. hope to see you over new year. xoxoxo jenna