Wednesday, November 03, 2010


Last year at Halloween

This year at Halloween

I would just like to say, "Whaaaa??" How did my baby get so big? (And, yes, Cooper is splashing in his Pop and Gee's fountain in late October. It's been slightly warm here. Til yesterday.) When did this happen?

I would have posted a pic of Cooper carving a pumpkin this year, except, we did NOT carve our pumpkins this year! OMG! We got caught up in finishing up renovations of the upstairs bathroom (pics to come- it's amazing) and didn't make time for pumpkin carving. Oopsie. Maybe we can carve some fall-type decorations on them??

Anyway, can you believe how big my baby is? Is he even still a baby? Probably not...


  1. i want a fountain at my parents house!!

    and pretty sure he won't be mad about the pumpkin carving - running in the fountain? way more fun!!

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