Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Picture Story Book

Snapping a quick one of my quick one (well, one of my quick ones): Sadiebug

Decorating for Halloween. Cooper shows more than ample enthusiasm. He gives a very breathy, "wow!" to all things Halloween. And when I pull out more Halloween decorations, he says, "a more Haween stuff!" That's my boy.

My happy and very capable chef. I was surprised at how much his patience and listening has improved since our last baking effort. He held all of the measuring devices and poured all of the ingredients into the bowl.

He can use a spoon! So talented. My prodigy. And look how clean his pants are!

Mmm. Chocolate cookies with Reese's chips. These were sooo easy (a two-year old can make them) and delicious!

Went to the Little 5 Points Halloween Parade with Momma, Daddy and Mimi. Yes, Cooper was a tad bored by all the gore and freak. Ho hum.

Well, except for when he got to eat candy off the dirty, dirty ground.

He spent a good portion of his time looking like this.

But look at these amazing superhero costumes! Maybe he perked up a little when they walked by...

Sunday we took a drive to the North Georgia mountains. Ellijay Apple Festival.

They have bouncy things! Suddenly Cooper was not so into bouncy things! Oh well...

He definitely was into being chased by Momma...

and by Dadda.

And there was lots of this. Oh, how I love. this. smile.

Look at the thrill on his face! It's tangible. Daddy, I love how you let me do crazy things that Momma is too fraideycat to let me do.

Red, red, red. Love, love, love.

All this running has to make you thirsty!

Oh, why yes it does, thankyouverymuch. Fresh from the apple farm apple juice. Refilled *2* times on the way home with gas station Juicy Juice. Eek. Hey, it's Sunday. We were indulging a little.

Self-portrait of the Momma and Dadda.

And there you go. Amazing weekend spent reconnecting after 3 (Three!!!!) weeks of the sickness in our house. I love you family. xoxoxo, Momma


  1. I love this, and now have new desktop background. So sweet. I can't wait to see you guys!

    Really, I can't wait. Life is much less awesome with you so far away...

  2. yay for a feel better weekend!!

    and i know i have already said this - but he is so stinkin cute!! and your hair??? still totally loving it!!