Saturday, July 17, 2010

My Big Boy

This morning my heart almost melted into a giant pool on the floor. I loved the little goodbye we had this morning on your way to the sitter's/ mine and Daddy's way to work. Daddy had you headed out the door with your arms full of toys you couldn't leave behind- a dinosaur, a train, puh-e (puppy), and your sippy cup. Almost more than you could wrangle. You happily kissed me bye on the front steps and followed Daddy down the driveway to the truck. I hollered after you, "Bye! I love you!" And you hollered back, "Bye Momma! I uh ooh!" I'm so proud of you for a million reasons. One being how confident and brave you are when we take you to the sitter's on Mommy's work days. You are as cool as a cucumber and I'm so grateful for that. Grateful that I don't have to have a completely broken heart when I go to work and grateful that someday your confidence will help you navigate the twists and turns of life. You are a wonderful little dude and I'm so glad you're mine. xoxo, Momma