Monday, October 05, 2009

Turning Over a New Leaf

Today I was reminded how quickly a baby can change. I've been struggling with Cooper's, let's say, curiosity, over the last, um, 6 months. Seriously. He's one of those babies that people call busy, which we've figured out pretty much just means that he's into everything. Cooper is highly motivated by the possibility of getting his hands on anything that he might be able to take apart (destroy). Truthfully, I am grateful that he is so interested in exploring and learning. I don't want to squash his energy and interest. However, the neat-freak in me has been on high alert ever since he learned how to walk from here to there. Some days, I feel like I am just following him around the house, picking up mess after mess. Four forks and three baby spoons strewn on the kitchen and dining room floor. Twenty five clean diapers thrown about his room. A box of toys spilled on the living room floor. The contents of the bathroom shelf tossed artfully around the base of the toilet. You get the idea.

But, today I saw moments of a little boy who gained a little self-control. A baby morphed into a toddler who took his snack cup from his Momma, happily sat on the couch (his own choosing), and ate his Cheerios (feeding a few to Babs) as quiet as a mouse while I washed dishes. What? I kept checking on him because I couldn't believe that he was actually sitting still by himself. It was downright adorable seeing him in the living room, afternoon light pouring in the window behind him.

They change so fast. Every step is just that. A step. And today was one of those little reminders that he is an ever-changing boy. So, I'll try harder to not be so concerned about the messes he makes and to be more interested in helping him find his way. One mess (or ten) at a time. I love you little buddy.

Man, that was exhausting. Anyone need a seasonal dishtowel?


  1. it's amazing isn't it - how a little perspective can just make the whole day better? and you said it just perfectly - each and every step.

    and ps - i too love me some seasonal dishtowels :)

  2. Yay! I'm so glad that you're updating again!