Friday, February 13, 2009

Love Lessons

While writing a little love note to the newest man in my life- Cooper- I was thinking about this: There are many days I wonder what I am teaching my son, what I should be teaching my son. I spend a good deal of time thinking about being a purposeful mother. I know that it is inevitable that he will turn out like me in many ways, but what are the good things he will learn from me? What are the qualities about me that I should try to keep him from assuming? How will I know if I am even steering him in the right direction? There are a lot of things about being a Mom that I will always wonder if I am getting "right", but I realized that I've got one thing going that I want Cooper to learn from me- love. For all the "what ifs" of motherhood, I feel certain that he will grow up knowing he is truly loved. I hope that he takes the love that we give him and uses it for all that he can. To feel secure, to feel important, to feel worthy, to know that there is always something worth living for, and to give it away as it is given to him.

Happy Valentine's Day! Tell someone today how much they mean to you!


  1. amen sista! and that cooper sure is a loved're a great great mom!

  2. man is that ever true. We're always wondering what kind of influence we're having on our children!

  3. so very true friend - your little man is very very lucky to have you for a mama :)