Thursday, March 20, 2008

Auntie Em! It's a twister!

This past weekend we had some crazy weather here in Atlanta. I came home friday night to a home with no electricity due to the tornado that tore through Atlanta and our neighborhood, East Atlanta. We really didn't know what was going on until the next day. It's amazing what escapes you when there's no connection to the outside world. Our house and our street went relatively unharmed. We had a little debris scattered in the yard and a small, dead tree came down in our backyard. No big deal, especially compared to what happened in the rest of the area. Our neighborhood has a ton of huge, old trees and lots of them were lost in the storm. There were SO many houses with trees fallen through the roofs. Crazy! Amazingly, there were no fatalities here. Saturday brought more storms and the biggest hail I have ever seen in my life! It was incredibly loud as it hit the house. Thankfully our cars survived with not so much as a ding! Here's the hail that accumulated in the yard in a matter of minutes. So bizarre!

My Mom and I spent the entire weekend (and then some) working on the baby's bedding. We picked out some really cute fabric a few months ago and got to work designing the bedding from scratch. We had no idea what we were in for when we decided to sew this set ourselves! My Mom is a very experienced seamstress and this was even a challenge for her. However, it was worth the effort because it turned out so adorable! I'm sure my Mom will think so when she gets to see it on the crib. For now, I think she's still recovering from 30+ hours of sewing her grandchild's bed set. Now we know why some of the crib sets on the internet are priced so high ($400 and up)! Here's a little sneak peek.
I can't wait to decorate the rest of the room. I've been thinking of trying to enlarge pages of vintage children's books for art for the wall. A little trip to Kinko's and some cute frames and walla! Baby art!

My first baby shower is this weekend and I am so excited! It's an all girls party that is being given by my good friends Heather, Kelly and Jennifer. I am also excited to give each of them this:
It's a secret but I'll share after this weekend.

Have a great week and thanks for stopping by!


  1. Your blog is super cute :) stopped by today for the first time via sara. I ♥ reading comments from people, even the ones I dont know so I figured I'd leave you one to come back to. That baby bedding is ADORABLE! Props to you and your momma, impressive sewing skills I must say.

  2. for real that bedding is outta control cool. baby cooper is so stylish. cant wait for the shower tomorrow!!