Monday, February 25, 2008

I went out!

That's right, I went out. To a sort-of bar. Ben played a show this evening at a local Tea Bar (thankfully non-smoking) and I mustered up the energy to go. I didn't realize until I saw all of our "bar friends" that it has been a really long time (6.5 months) since I have been to any bar. I guess I didn't miss it that much (since I didn't really notice) but it was weird and a little sad to be there and to know that it will never be the same again. Awww, drinking and waking up with a hangover- I kinda miss you. :)

It was fun to hear some live music. Ben has a friend that plays violin on some of the pieces and it really sounds beautiful. I realized that I love the inherent sadness of the violin. All the more sad set against Ben's lyrics, I guess. I don't know why, but sad, sappy music is my favorite. I love the emotion of it, maybe? I'm feeling very JLWS saying I love sad stuff. :) I love you JLWS.

Everyone was happy to see me tonight and asking about the baby. I always love having people excited about him. It is a lot of fun. I got a laugh out of hearing a friend of a friend say, "you must be the pregnant friend!" It's nice to know I am still remembered even though I can't hang out! :)

Today was a good day off. I went to the doctor this morning and had a check up. Everything looks good and Cooper's heartbeat sounds great. I still look forward to and love hearing his little heart beat. It always makes me think about how important that little organ is and how it will not stop beating until he's old and gray. It is just amazing. My belly was measured for the first time today. Supposedly, the belly (from the top of the pubic bone to the top of the uterus) measures in centimeters the number of weeks you are pregnant. I'm 26 weeks and my belly measured 25cm. Pretty neat math in nature, huh? I now will see the doctor every 2 weeks (as opposed to every 4) and I have to take the blood-glucose test next time to see if I am gestational diabetes-free. Hopefully I am!

I spent a little time today looking for an outfit for the baby to wear when he comes home from the hospital. I like this one and this one plus orange hat so far. Zutano has some really cute sets that are made just for their little newbie bodies. So precious! I can picture his royal cuteness in one of those little sleepers now...


  1. cute cute cute...maybe he needs a costume change or two?

  2. I love you too and I vote for the green one. Orange probably doesn't look good on babies cause they're kind of ruddy typically.

  3. Anonymous4:44 PM

    I like the green one too. I also like what Bryan had to add. He's a nut! :-)