Wednesday, January 30, 2008

22 Weeks Pregnant

Here I am! And there's little Cooper!

I thought it was finally time to start documenting the size of my belly. It is just now really starting to poke out there! It's pretty neat to watch my belly grow and to know that he's getting bigger. I don't know if this is a universal pregnancy feeling- but sometimes in early pregnancy I had a hard time believing I was actually pregnant. I mean, I know what the tests said, but I just found it hard to fathom that there was a little growing human in there. I can remember an early doctor's appointment in which I had a blood test performed and the doctor came in and said, "well, it is negative". For some reason my first thought was she was telling me I wasn't pregnant anymore. My heart skipped a beat and then I realized that was not what she meant! Now, with a growing belly to prove it, I can hardly deny I am pregnant. So, for all my friends and family out there that don't get to see this thing growing- here it is!

Bryan and I are gearing up for our trip which starts on Sunday. I went out on Monday to try to find a swimsuit that fits my gigantic baby boobs and I found a killer deal. I think my thrifty cousin, Sara, will appreciate the price of this swimsuit: $3.97. I haven't found many deals such as this in my entire shopping career- especially not on maternity clothing! For anyone who has ever been pregnant, you understand my excitement at finding an inexpensive maternity item. I was pretty excited, as this suit was not only cheap, but cute as well. Hopefully, I won't look too much like a moose on vacation and I'll post some pics in my cheap and cute suit! :) For those curious as to where one would find such a deal, it was Old Navy Clearance CLARENCE Clearance (as my sis-in-law says). Actually, for you bargain hunters, I've found this same type of sale at many other stores this past week: 50% off original price and then 50% off the clearance price. Go check your favorite stores for a great deal! And, in the spirit of sharing a good deal, check out this awesome website that is dedicated to finding great deals for baby and kid necessities. I'll never pay too much for a diaper or a wipe thanks to this site!

I hope all of my readers are well. I miss you out of state chickens and hope to see you soon.


  1. you look so cute!

  2. You do look cute. Have fun in Sunny Florida.

  3. Dear JenniferPants:

    You're Awesome!



  4. Also, try Bluefly. They seem to have good inexpensive maternity stuff...not sure why I was looking at that. Maybe you inspired me?