Saturday, November 17, 2007

The day before early Thanksgiving

Tomorrow is early turkey day at our house. We are leaving Tuesday night to head up to Ohio and Tennessee for the holiday, so we are having dinner here tomorrow with the Georgia family. Last year was the first year we hosted Thanksgiving at our house. It was really fun. I love to cook and have people over so it is a blast for me to host it. I was sitting here o the couch thinking how I need to get up and make the brine for the turkey, so I thought I'd get on the computer and blog instead. :)

Tomorrow I am making only: turkey, mac-n-cheese (yummy Flying Biscuit recipe), and stuffing. I've asked the rest of the guests to pitch in and bring some sides. It is fun to make some stuff but not be overwhelmed with making everything. Plus, I get to taste new things that people bring and everyone gets to feel like they have contributed. I always feel better when I can show up to a party with something in my hand; but maybe that is just me and everyone else wishes they didn't have to cook!

I love the holidays. There are so many reasons why:
Family time- seeing loved ones near and far, sitting around relaxing and enjoying eachother
Food- cooking always seems so loving to me (thank you Grandma) and I love the warmth it conveys
Time- we all work so hard and it seems like it is the one time of year when we are all forgiven for working a little less and
being with friends and family more
Decorations- the remind me to enjoy the season, to just be happy
Generosity- we all can use an excuse to give to others, to think about somebody else's needs
Presents- let's be honest! presents are just fun!

The baby on the way seems to make this all even more lovely than usual. I'm thrilled to have our families and friends so excited and we get to talk about the baby during the holidays. I wonder what our holidays will be like next year with the baby here? I look forward to finding out!


  1. Funny that you mention thinking about next year with the baby. Almost from the moment we found out I kept thinking "We'll have a baby at Christmas...what will that be like??"

  2. I can't believe it's holiday time already. I hope you guys have fun!